Phishing scams aim to bilk smaller prey

Cybercrooks are phishing for personal information in record numbers, but now they're preying on smaller fish.

A surge in phishing e-mail scams targeting regional credit unions and local banks is the latest sign fraudsters are shifting to narrow attacks. Smaller is better, security experts say, because the scams escape the attention of law enforcement and because a smaller company's cyberdefenses often aren't as imposing as those of a major corporation.

Phishing scams, phony e-mail designed to trick consumers into forking over personal data such as Social Security numbers, have typically preyed on large institutions. Operators used a shotgun approach, blasting thousands of random individuals with e-mail that appeared to come from eBay, Citibank and others. The intent: Rip off their customers. - Phishing scams aim to bilk smaller prey

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 12th March 2006 10:24PM