Behold the power of botnets

Discussions about botnets in the security community are quite active these days. And there’s a reason: They’re out there and they’re very nasty. Here’s one in action that’s live today.

If you visit the site, they will attempt to run a WMF exploit (video of a related site by Suzi Turner here). If you are patched with the January 5 security update from Microsoft (or have decent AV protection) but still fall for clicking on the “Start” link, you will download a trojan installer, wusetup.exe, which sets up the machine to be controlled in a botnet ( results for this trojan here).

The wusetup.exe loads files that turn your machine into a proxy server – you are becoming a member of a bot-net. Sunbelt BLOG: Behold the power of botnets

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 13th March 2006 11:55PM