GoogleDoc and the Palladium project, A Blow To Microsoft?

As everyone has likely heard by now, Google has purchased a small 'web-based word processing' software development company. This of course gives rise to thoughts of a sometime-soon roll-out of some kind of GoogleDoc, G-Word, G-Office, or whatever other name one cares to speculate that Google will call it when they launch their head-to-head competition against Microsoft's Word/Office product.

This in itself will result in Google grabbing a sizeable chunk of the general consumer market with their free as in, billions of marketers' ads consuming 80% of the space in your browser window, 'free' 'hosted word processing', since most consumers are totally clueless in terms of security and privacy issues. Some pundits are speculating that it will not have much impact in the business sector, but that's likely to be a false assumption, as most businesses have demonstrated almost the same disregard for security and privacy issues as the rest of the masses.

But the key element as to why Google's venture in this direction represents such a huge threat to Microsoft and Microsoft's cohorts in the DRM-centric universe is not the competition it represents for Word/Office itself. The threat is all about consumer control. Microsoft and its anti-consumer allies are all pushing for ultimate restrictive control over what users can and mostly can't do with their computers, in terms of the digital content they create, read, play, or listen to. It's called the Palladium project, and there's been VERY LITTLE mention of it lately. :: business tech news commentary

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 14th March 2006 12:15AM