Can You Judge A Site By Its Appearance?, SiteAdvisor Spyware Quiz

Can you sniff out the presence of spyware on a Web site? Can you tell when a download is about to bombard your PC with spyware or adware? Take SiteAdvisorís inaugural Spyware Quiz, and find out if youíre a High Risk User or a Safety Guru when it comes to detecting the presence of nasty downloads. No matter how Web savvy you think you are, thereís a very good chance youíll be fooled by at least some of the sites we show on our quiz.

Our quiz is intended to be a light-hearted test, but as anyone whoís been infected by spyware will attest, thereís nothing funny about what it does to your PC. And since Web sites that offer spyware will often mimic the design of trusted Web sites, itís very hard to know whatís safe or not by looks alone. For this first quiz, we picked sites in popular categories (screensavers, file-sharing applications, free games, lyrics, and smileys) which are notorious for distributing spyware and adware. SiteAdvisor - Spyware Quiz - March 2006

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