RFID Virus Predicted

The underlying technical argument is pretty simple. An RFID tag is a tiny device, often affixed to a product of some sort, that carries a relatively small amount of data. An RFID reader is a larger device, often stationary, that can use radio signals to read and/or modify the contents of RFID tags. In a retail application, a store might affix an RFID tag to each item in stock, and have an RFID reader at each checkout stand. A customer could wheel a shopping cart full of items up to the checkout stand, and the RFID reader would determine which items were in the cart and would charge the customer and adjust the storeís inventory database accordingly.

Simple RFID tags are quite simple and only carry data that can be read or modified by readers. Tags cannot themselves be infected by viruses. But they can act as carriers, as Iíll describe below. Freedom to Tinker Ľ Blog Archive Ľ RFID Virus Predicted

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