SPAMers are smart people

People tend to think of SPAMers are a bunch of monkeys, i.e. know nothing, utilize off the shelf tools, and completely un-imaginative. I tend to differ, especially after what I saw happen…

It began about 3 months ago, our ezmlm mailing list was starting to get a lot of bounces, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. The number quickly risen to more than 100 per hour, all of them bounces caused by malformed ezmlm requests. These bounces weren’t ordinary, their body was composed of a SPAMed email.

You would ask your self, why would someone use ezmlm to bounce emails? well you take our security oriented mailing-list, which has its credibility (both the IP address of the mail server’s credibility and the email address’s credibility) and you utilize it for your spamming needs. SecuriTeam Blogs » SPAMers are smart people

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 15th March 2006 11:12PM