VeriSign Warns of New DoS Attacks

In the midst of criticism over its .com deal with ICANN, VeriSign this week disclosed what it says was a major DoS attack aimed at about 1,500 organizations two months ago. According to the company, the attacks started January 3 and stopped suddenly in mid-February.

In the attacks, bots were directed to send packets containing a query and the return address of the Web site they were flooding to the organization's name servers. According to VeriSign research, more than 32,000 name servers may have been involved.

The company says this is a new type of attack, and could become the "Katrina of Internet storms" according to chief security officer Ken Silva. However, at the current time these attacks are extremely targeted, meaning most users don't experience their effects. BetaNews | VeriSign Warns of New DoS Attacks

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 16th March 2006 11:40PM