Botnets on The Run?

Zombies aren't just for horror flicks. There are hundreds of thousands of zombies on the Internet today, coupled into "botnets" that are harnessed by their malevolent overlords to wreak havoc.

The havoc typically involves Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) type attacks but can also be used to scan other computers and steal personal information.

Killing the zombies, raising them from the ranks of the undead and smashing the botnets is not an easy task, but it is being done, thanks to the work of diligent security researchers.

Lexington, Mass.-based Arbor Networks is among those driving the proverbial silver bullet into the heart of the botnets. The company recently helped smash a botnet operating against sites based in the Netherlands. Botnets on The Run?

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 18th March 2006 12:57AM