Psst. Your shiny new passport has a computer virus

This is a story of a container at a major shipping port. This particular container is marked with an RFID tag, a label with a tiny embedded radio transmitter that broadcasts a short string of data--anywhere from 256 to 1,024 bytes. But in addition to this container holding fresh Florida oranges, its RFID tag holds a virus: an SQL injection code.

As the container passes by the shipping port's RFID reader, data from the contents of the container along with the malicious code are fed to the back-end database, corrupting if not crippling it. Now the port system is compromised. And as the container is washed and refilled and sent somewhere else, the malicious code (now a part of the RFID system) is also imprinted on other RFID tags on other containers, spreading the infection. Sounds like a cheap technothriller plot, doesn't it? Unfortunately, it's not.

It's the basis of a new research paper out of the Netherlands, and the implications could be huge. Security Watch: Psst. Your shiny new passport has a computer virus - CNET reviews

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 18th March 2006 12:59AM