1 in 5 emails is pharmaceutical spam

Botnets issued unusually high numbers of a pharmaceutical spam email this, according to BlackSpider Technologies. The company found that one huge botnet of at least 100,000 distinct IP addresses, was responsible for issuing 125 million identical spam emails to UK companies. This represents an estimated one in five emails sent.

The spam email, which has the randomised subject line: “Re: Phxyaramacy news [sic]”, encourages recipients to buy cheap online medications. It uses an HTML obfuscating technique to try to pass spam filters: interlacing HTML content with random characters which are typically hidden. In this case, when the email is opened, the random characters are displayed on the far right of the screen. Security Park - 1 in 5 emails is pharmaceutical spam

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 18th March 2006 9:42PM