Microsoft's big Internet bet, will it pay?

Microsoft is the clear leader in operating systems and office software but when it comes to the Internet, the company is way behind rivals Google and Yahoo!

But Microsoft (Research) doesn't like being second, let alone third in the markets it plays in -- which is why the company is making big moves to revitalize its Web strategy.

Last fall, the company introduced the Windows Live platform, which pulls together tools such as search, Web mail and news headlines onto a single Web site,

Since then it has been rolling out new tools on that platform that aim to compete with offerings from Google (up $7.21 to $347.00, Research) and Yahoo! (up $0.53 to $30.60, Research) And Monday it's launching a three-day conference for developers to talk about how to develop technologies for the Web. Will Microsoft's big bet on the Internet pay off? - Mar. 20, 2006

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