Advertisers Funding 180solutions

I've long believed that the spyware explosion results primarily from advertisers' payments. It's easy to see why advertisers love spyware: Where better to get a customer, than someone who is about to buy from a direct competitor? And spyware-delivered ads are so exceptionally intrusive -- often full-screen pop-ups -- that they're likely to drive sales, even if users dislike the pop-up format.

Spyware advertising also suffers from a race-to-the-bottom effect. Consider a two-party example. If Expedia serves a big pop-up when users visit Orbitz, Expedia is likely to get lots of new customers from Orbitz. What should Orbitz do in response? They could sue, as many companies have. But more likely, they'll just buy more spyware-delivered ads of their own -- and try to grab back some of the users Expedia just took away. This yields high revenue to spyware vendors (in turn yielding more spyware), high costs to advertisers, and annoying popups for users. It's nothing to celebrate. Advertisers Funding 180solutions

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 21st March 2006 3:40AM