Spam tastes better on Friday

Research by email mass marketer ExactTarget claims that marketing emails are most likely to be opened on Fridays, while after Friday, Sunday sees the largest percentage of advertising links clicked. This has led Morgan Stewart, director of strategic services at ExactTarget and author of the study, to say that “all organizations should consider Friday and Sunday” to be optimum for sending out mass-marketing emails.

The spectacular statistical scope of the ExactTarget study makes it the most comprehensive to date given: throughout 2005, data was collected from more than 4000 organisations and for some 2.7 billion emails out of 230,000 mailings, giving an average of nearly 12,000 emails per send. For a long time spam has been seen as one of the biggest annoyances for Internet and email users. Email mass-marketing companies are therefore very keen to stress the fact that they are operating legally. - Spam tastes better on Friday

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 23rd March 2006 12:16AM