Xbox 360 hacked, Microsoft responds

Yesterday, a Microsoft employee posted an official company response on his blog to address this situation:

"The core security system has not been broken. However, it is reported that the authentication protocol between the optical disc drive and the console may be attacked, which if accurate could allow people to play illegally copied games. Our security team is aware of this and we are investigating potential solutions to this issue. The Xbox 360 platform was designed to be updated, and we are prepared to respond appropriately should any unauthorized activity be identified."

It is likely that Microsoft will attempt to find ways to kick users of the modified firmware off the Live service, as they did with original modded Xbox consoles. However, it is interesting that all the added security features on the Xbox 360 did not prevent hackers from simply switching their targets to a different part of the system. Still, this hack has only limited uses at present. People wishing to run Linux on their Xbox 360s will have to wait a little longer. Xbox 360 hacked, Microsoft responds

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 24th March 2006 10:30PM