Knoppix Hacks: Scan for Viruses

Ridding a network of Windows computers of a virus or worm can seem impossible. Viruses may cause computers to reboot and infect new machines while you are in the process of removing them. Through the use of the live-software installer, Knoppix provides a solution to this catch-22

Viruses and worms are a common problem in the computing world today. It seems every other day a new virus or worm comes out, and anti-virus vendors must quickly update their signatures to block the new outbreak. Unfortunately not everyone has a virus scanner installed on his system, or if he does, it might not be kept up to date. When the worst happens, you must make sure that the virus doesn't spread to other computers on the network or damage your files. If you install a virus scanner, you must be sure that the virus can't find a way to infect, disable, or hide from it.

There are several advantages to using Knoppix as a virus scanner over the alternatives: Scan for Viruses

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