This Worm Is Nasty, Brutish, And Sneaky

As a data security specialist, Jeremy Pickett sees all kinds of digital tricks. So on Mar. 20, when he was tracing the origins of a computer worm that had been blocked the night before from entering a client's computer network, Pickett wasn't too surprised that it tried to connect with four sleazy Web sites, most of them, he believes, in Russia. Or that it then tried to load victims' PCs with as many as 30 new pieces of "malware," ranging from spam programs to those that automatically dial in to expensive phone-sex services.

But the real shock came when Pickett decided to test another bug by infecting his own PC with it. This Worm Is Nasty, Brutish, And Sneaky

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 31st March 2006 12:40AM