Real World Impact of IE Flaw

It is easy to write about the latest security flaw in Microsoft's Windows operating system as if it were some abstract threat that hackers may or may not get around to exploiting at some point. But when you have evidence that a single phishing group is using the vulnerability to steal online banking and e-commerce credentials from thousands of victims each day, the threat suddenly becomes a great deal more personal and real.

Take, for instance, the data being collected by San Diego-based Secure Science Corp., a company that offers stolen-data retrieval services for financial institutions. Most of the criminal groups the company monitors filch data by spamming out e-mails with links to Web sites that use a variety of known Internet Explorer and Windows weaknesses to install malicious code. Security Fix - Brian Krebs on Computer and Internet Security - (

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 4th April 2006 2:09AM