Can this little Piggly Wiggly guard your data?

I admit, with dejection, that this risky trend will probably catch on: retail stores using your fingerprint as single-factor authentication to access your money. San Francisco start-up Pay By Touch Solutions has persuaded a few grocery chains, representing hundreds of stores, to set up stations where a customer pays with nothing but a fingerprint swipe. According to the Pay By Touch site, "Instantly, you see a list of your payment accounts on a screen. You select one of them using a familiar keypad, approve the amount of the purchase, rewards points or discounts are automatically applied, and you're done. No cards, checks, cash -- or hassle." Wow. Okay. But what about security? WatchGuard Wire: RSS Feed | WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 7th October 2005 2:27AM