Stopping PC Spies at the Gate

Although spyware has been called the plague of the Internet, some people still regard the invasive software as a kind of digital Avian flu it is bad, and potentially very threatening, but happening to someone else. That, many experts note, is a big mistake.

The prevalence of spyware, which usually slithers onto a system undetected during a download of other content, is formidable and poses a very real danger to every Internet user.

"You name it, spyware can do it," said Craig Schmugar, virus research manager at McAfee Avert Labs, which monitors Internet threats. "Everything from stealing your identity, turning your machine into a spam relay machine to popping up ads on your system. It can degrade your system performance to the point that using your machine is unbearable." Stopping PC Spies at the Gate - Yahoo! News

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 5th April 2006 3:25AM