International phishing gang busted by police

Germany's Federal Crime Office (known as the BKA) announced on its website, that seven men aged between 21 and 47 years old, have been arrested in connection with a plot to plunder the bank accounts of online surfers.

The BKA claims that they stopped the German-Lithuanian gang as they were about to launch their criminal activity by spamming phishing emails and distributing Trojan horses that would have stolen passwords and TANs (single-use TransAction Numbers) from innocent online bankers.

Police officers, who have been investigating the case since December 2005, searched six flats in Frankfurt, Wetzlar, Gießen, Stauffenberg, Lich and Allendorf, in their hunt for evidence. According to the BKA the gang opened a plethora of bank accounts using faked names and addresses, and planned to transfer stolen money to Eastern Europe. International phishing gang busted by police

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