"Rootkit" revamped?

Wearing my "glossary guy" hat, one of the things I’ve noticed is how difficult it is to come to complete agreement on the precise definition of many terms that are used in infosec. There are, for example, three quite distinct meanings for the term "tar pit."

...However, what really irks me is when defined and agreed upon terms start being misused, sometimes to the point where the original term becomes useless. There is, of course, "hacker."

...The latest endangered term seems to be "rootkit." A rootkit has been defined as programming that allows escalation of privilege or the option to re-enter the compromised system with greater ease in the future. Often rootkits also contain functions that prevent detection of, or recovery from, the compromise. SecuriTeam Blogs » “Rootkit” revamped?

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 5th April 2006 3:55AM