Gearing up for hacking takedowns

Tracking hackers and their malware is a difficult job. Itís difficult to prove who is doing the hacking, and even more difficult to prosecute. But whether it is under the CAN-SPAM Act (albeit a horrible anti-spam law), U.S. Title 18, or myriad other state and federal laws, more hackers are going to prison. Gone are the days when they are treated like petty offenders and given a slap on the wrist. Finally!

Unfortunately, it's still a challenge to shut down the Web sites that participate in phishing and bot attacks. Phishing attacks lure victims to look-alike Web sites to gain user confidential information; bots dial home to mothership Web sites to get code updates and instructions. Gearing up for hacking takedowns | InfoWorld | Column | 2006-04-07 | By Roger A. Grimes

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