4 Steps to P2P Network Security

...in order to share files on your computer and sometimes in order for you to access files on other computers within a P2P network such as BitTorrent, you must open a specific TCP port through the firewall for the P2P software to communicate. In effect, once you open the port you are no longer protected from malicious traffic coming through it.

Another security concern is that when you download files from other peers on the BitTorrent, eMule, or other P2P network you don't know for sure that the file is what it says it is. You might think you are downloading a great new utility, but when you double-click the EXE file how can you be sure that you haven't also installed a Trojan or backdoor in your computer allowing an attacker to access it at will?

So, with all of that in mind, here are four key points to consider when using P2P networks to try use them as securely as possible...Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networking Security

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 11th April 2006 2:20AM