Cyberstalking: Are You at Risk of Being Caught in the 'Net?

Having someone obsessed with you - whether out of anger or unwanted affections - can be a real ordeal, and it's not just high-profile celebrities who find themselves dealing with a foe or "fan" who won't let go. Even if the person doesn't physically threaten you, the fact that someone is following you around, keeping tabs on what you do, and/or contacting you when you want to be left alone is annoying at best and can disrupt your life.

The Internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for those with a propensity for this sort of behavior. If you visit chat rooms, participate in discussion boards and email lists, have a web site or otherwise interact with other people on the 'net, you may eventually find yourself the target of a cyberstalker. Someone who gets angry at you because of the political views you express on your webpage or a list message may start bombarding you with nasty email messages, or someone who likes your web page photo may start sending love letters. Sunbelt BLOG: Cyberstalking: Are You at Risk of Being Caught in the 'Net?

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