Will Malware Prompt Broad Shift to VMs?

Recently, Mike Danseglio, a program manager in Microsoft's Security Solutions group, made news by saying that after a system becomes infected with some types of rootkits and other malware, sometimes the only solution is to rebuild the system from scratch.

Security administrators have long known this, but Danseglio's statements point out that malware is becoming so quick to exploit new problems, so advanced in new capabilities, and so viciously insidious that sometimes even the best antispyware, antivirus, content filtering, firewall, and intrusion prevention tools can't protect a system adequately.

This situation could completely change our standards for building servers, desktops in enterprises, and probably even desktops in homes. Will Malware Prompt Broad Shift to VMs?

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 12th April 2006 9:36PM