The Fourth Generation of Malware

What do you get with 20 years of development? More and more potent malware...

Surely the viruses and Trojans of today are much smarter and in most cases, much more devious than those of 20 years ago. More importantly, todayís worms and viruses are mostly focused on criminal pursuits and theft, so they threaten an organizationís reputation, consumer trust and viability in the marketplace.

But, based on research, itís quite fascinating to see how these destructive pieces of code have evolved into the threats we know, and fear, today.

  1. The First Generation: DoS Viruses (1986 - 1995)

  2. The Second Generation: Macro Viruses (1995 - 2000)

  3. The Third Generation: Big Impact Worms (1999 - 2005)

  4. The Fourth Generation: Malcode for Profit (2004 - to present)

The Fourth Generation of Malware via Donna's SecurityFlash

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