Google's new Chinese name

Google has a new name—at least in China. At a Beijing ceremony, the company announced that it would be known in China as "Gu Ge," or "harvest song." What does "harvest song" have to do with search results? The new name is intended to give "the sense of a fruitful and productive search experience, in a poetic Chinese way." Obviously. Google's English name, if transliterated into Chinese, means "old hound," so it doesn't take a marketing genius to see why the company felt it needed a new identity.

At the event, Google CEO Eric Schmidt also defended his company's decision to censor search results in China, arguing once again that Google needs to obey local laws and that it is better for Western companies to engage with China than to remain aloof. Google's new Chinese name

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 14th April 2006 12:52AM