A Conversation About Spyware

Had a chance t'other day to talk to David Moll, CEO of Webroot....Moll and I talked less about SpySweeper, however, and more about the state of spyware in the business community. In case you're wondering, it's bad. The company actually publishes a quarterly report on the topic that you can download here.

Some of the disturbing trends that Moll says he's seeing this year include passive phishing trojans, which often work as keystroke loggers. These are new packages that squirm into target systems via nasty emails that often start as phishing scams. They then sit passively waiting for you to hit a certain Web site--like, say, your online banking site. Then they start recording all your key activity there and zap that off to whatever dastardly dastard wrote the thing in the first place. SMB IT | InfoWorld | A Conversation About Spyware | April 14, 2006 08:48 AM | By Oliver Rist

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