Stupid user tricks: Eleven IT horror stories

No matter how hard we pray, how many chickens we sacrifice, how often we chant naked by moonlight, every network is at one time or other exposed to the ultimate technology risk: users. They’re short, tall, skinny, and fat. They’re smart or stupid, unique or cloned but no matter what, they’ll abuse technology.

In deference to my years of dealing with this most dangerous species of wildlife, the editors at InfoWorld asked me to record some of my most memorable experiences along with tips on how to avoid similar incidents. Being both thorough and lazy, I decided to open the floor to our adventurous readers as well, who have been kind enough to relate their tales of sorrow and solution.

The result is a list of problem categories each with a specific situation and solution. Broad advice applicable to all IT adventurers can be found in the moral bringing up the rear. With luck, this salutary information will help keep your rear covered. Stupid user tricks: Eleven IT horror stories | InfoWorld | Analysis | 2006-04-13 | By Oliver Rist

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