180solutions sponsors Yapbrowser and… child porn?

My head is swimming and I feel ill. I just read the blogs about 180solutions' latest — Yapbrowser, installed from 180's servers no less, that directs all search requests to child porn sites. And this from a company that has made countless claims of cleaning up their act. Oh, but — 180 does like to talk about the "long tail" of the internet and "trusting the affiliate model"

Excuse me while I get sick.

Long time spyware expert Andrew Clover of Doxdesk.com has a short video (.avi file) showing exactly what Yapbrowser is and does, and how it installs from 180's servers, complete with http log. You might need a special codec from here, although the video opened fine for me in Windows Media Player. Note in his report, Andrew says "Parts of the video are obscured for reasons about to become obvious." » 180solutions sponsors Yapbrowser and… child porn? | Spyware Confidential | ZDNet.com

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 17th April 2006 11:49PM