Spyware Soft Stop, New Rogue Anti Spyware

There is a new rogue antispyware on the loose, called Spyware Soft Stop. If you have the misfortune to run an executable named "sss_bot.exe", you'll get presented with a fake (and poorly worded) security message...What follows are more crafty screens designed to think you’re doing a normal Windows update.

...it found six files and identified them as various types of malware.

The problem is, not only are those files just junk files (not malware), but the Spyware Soft Stop application itself installed the files. That's right, this application planted the very files it claimed to detect as malware. Sunbelt BLOG: New rogue on the loose -- Spyware Soft Stop, Sunbelt BLOG: A rather surprising find

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 18th April 2006 12:27AM