Hands on testing of the new Linux virus

Thanks to one of our readers, NewsForge has obtained a copy of the widely reported Windows/Linux cross-platform "proof of concept" virus. News reports thus far on the code have contradicted themselves: some reported the virus can replicate itself on both Windows and Linux, others saying it has a viral nature only on Windows. Testing by both NewsForge staff and Hans-Werner Hilse may reveal why the confusion.

Our tests shows the code's viral nature is sometimes -- but not always -- effective on both platforms, depending on the kernel being used. Of course, it's impossible for us to test every version of the kernel out there, but thus far, it looks like those prior to version 2.6.16 are susceptible, and at least some of those after that release are not. Here's how we tested at NewsForge. NewsForge | Hands-on testing of the new Linux virus

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 18th April 2006 12:37AM