Will the Real eMule Please Stand Up?...Falls Victim to Clone Wars

eMule is a well regarded open source file sharing client that also happens to be adware and spyware free, and free of charge. At least, it's free for those who can tell which eMule is the real McCoy.

...eMule is run as an open-source project. Programmers are volunteers. Hosting costs are shared by mirror sites. They have little time and no money to fight these guys. In fact, they recently added a disclaimer to their site which reads in part:

If you paid for downloading eMule, you have probably been cheated - but not by us. We suggest that you contact the website were you paid for eMule or your credit card company to arrange a refund. However we are unable to assist you in such a case because (again) we are not involved in any way in such payments so please do not mail us about refundings.
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