Stop the bots

I found the opening scene to the 1991 movie sequel, Terminator 2, to be one of the most powerful SciFi film openings ever. There's a massive firestorm, chunky metal warriors waging war against humans, and then the camera zooms into a metal robot foot crushing a human skull. It’s very graphic. The world has been taken over by terminator robots, first created by man and now bent on destroying us.

It's Skynet. What interested me most about this SciFi classic was how real and plausible this future could be, understanding the dark side of human nature that creates evil and some people's inherent need to cause harm.

It's now fifteen years since that movie sequel appeared. In 2006, the most primitive Skynet botnets are already quite powerful, even if they’ve got a long ways to go before becoming self-aware. Today they're also one of the greatest sources of evil on the Internet.

They’re strong and growing, although their growth is often proportional to the announcement of new major vulnerabilities and viruses that exploit them. They’re nowhere near as powerful or intelligent as Skynet yet, but give it time. Botnets barely existed just three or four years ago, but they have grown dramatically and are highly flexible in the number of criminal and evil things they can do. In another fifteen years, they might be ready.
Stop the bots

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 19th April 2006 12:34AM