Security Firms Bust Malware for Sale Racketeers

A malware-for-sale ring used to distribute customized copies of a data-pilfering Trojan has been cracked by two computer security Microsoft Free Security Tools & Updates firms. Panda Software of Glendale, Calif., and RSA Security (Nasdaq: RSAS) Latest News about RSA Security of Bedford, Mass., "neutralized" several Web sites that were providing information thieves with customized versions of the Briz.A Trojan, according to Panda.

Panda said it intercepted information pinched by the malware, including "hundreds of user names and passwords for banks, telecommunication companies, hotels, airlines and international betting services.

"It was a whole business model centered around selling this type of software to criminals," Sam Curry, vice president for product management for eTrust Security Managment said. "The malicious software was created and sold to criminal organizations so they can steal data. It's a lot different from the old days of the virus writer wars of who can gain the most notoriety," he added. Technology News: Viruses & Malware : Security Firms Bust Malware-for-Sale Racketeers

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