Anti Spam Toolkit of Recommended Policies and Measures

In view of the wide impact of spam, and the potential for further problems as a result of the convergence of communication technologies and the emergence of ubiquitous communications and mobile Internet, the OECD brought together policy-makers and industry experts in the OECD Task Force on Spam (hereinafter, the “Task Force”) to develop a framework aimed at tackling spam using a broad multi-disciplinary range of solutions.

2. The Task Force developed the Anti-Spam Toolkit (the “Toolkit”), which recommends a range of policies and measures which should be key elements of a comprehensive public policy framework for addressing the problem of spam. These policies and measures are summarised below. Status and evolution of spam 3. In order for electronic communication platforms, applications and services to contribute to economic and social development, they must be reliable, efficient and trustworthy. Today, however, e-mail and other electronic communication tools, and consequently users’ trust and confidence in these tools, may be threatened by unsolicited, unwanted, and harmful electronic messages, commonly known as spam. Anti-Spam Toolkit of Recommended Policies and Measures - Executive Summary

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