Spyware Purveyors Giving Web Analytics Vendors a Black Eye

What's the mood of the market?

The mood would be better if unethical spyware purveyors weren't giving honest Web analytics vendors a black eye. Spyware is software installed without consumer notice, choice or recourse. It's often used for the purpose of engaging in practices that are deceptive or of criminal intent.

Web analytics vendors, on the other hand, develop and make use of Internet-based tools that measure and track online behavior. Certain components of these tools, such as cookies and Web beacons, are unfortunately being confused with spyware software. But cookies and Web beacons are not downloadable software and therefore cannot execute malicious programs on a user's machine. As such, they pose no deceptive threat whatsoever to people who are online. DMNews.com test | News | Article

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 26th April 2006 9:56AM