Simple advice for more sensible password use

Computer passwords are a way of life these days, and most of us have dozens of accounts, each with a different (or potentially different) password. There are costs in forgetting any of these passwords, ranging from the personal inconvenience of being unable to read useful news articles to the business problem of being unable to buy or sell products.

The most obvious solution to this hassle is simply to choose one password and to use it everywhere. Indeed, a survey conducted during April 2006 by Sophos reveals that 41% of respondents do just that. Additionally, 75% of the respondents to a separate part of the survey admitted to the use of weak, easy-to-guess passwords. Presumably this means that 31% of users (75% of 41%) have no accounts at all with satisfactory passwords. Simple advice for more sensible password use

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 27th April 2006 1:07AM