Should we kill IE?

Earlier today I stumbled across a link to which is a site trying to convince web developers to urge their IE users to switch to firefox. They ask web developers to employ one of a range of solution, from showing an advert of firefox to IE users to not allowing IE users near their pages.

To me their approach seems silly. The problem (as they see it) is that IE doesn’t support various standards and encourages proprietary features. If everyone used firefox then what’s to stop that being the next “IE”? Won’t it get proprietary features which will then get used. As an example (last I read) firefox allows transparency via CSS but the W3C has no official support of transparency (IE and Opera also support this, but each in their own way). SecuriTeam Blogs » Should we kill IE?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 28th April 2006 1:01AM