Fame, Fortune, and Spyware

In 2006, you know you're famous when your face has been immortalized as a screensaver and is cascading across the screens of millions of PCs worldwide. The extensive selection of screensavers celebrating the wildly popular reality show American Idol exemplifies the celebrity status of the top ranked contestants.

With the aid of a search engine, doting fans can easily find and download screensavers of their favorite Idol hopefuls. But searchers beware. Indulging your desire to create a desktop shrine to your Idol obsession could be extremely detrimental to your PC. Screensaver downloads are notorious for bundling intrusive spyware and adware programs that clutter your PC, slow your systemís functionality, invade your privacy, and serve annoying pop-up advertisements.

Not all searches for American Idol screensavers are created equally, however. Some contestant screensaver searches pose much more risk than others. So whoís the most dangerous American Idol hottie to search for? SiteAdvisor blog: Fame, Fortune, and Spyware

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