New Privacy Threats

GPS queries, cell phone calls, Web searches--all are quick conveniences. We get our directions, chat with our friends, find our sites, and never think of that data transaction again. But these records create a growing problem, say privacy advocates: They leave a detailed digital trail of where we went, who we talked to--even what we were thinking.

The records can persist for decades, and no comprehensive federal law protects them. Even if you believe the firms you do business with wouldn't sell your records to an unscrupulous marketer, you're not safe. As long as it exists, your data can be sold in bankruptcy proceedings, or snagged by hackers, con artists, and anyone with a court order, says Ari Schwartz, deputy director of the Center for Democracy and Technology, a consumer advocacy organization.

All these personal records about us are growing. And a number of recent cases have demonstrated just how vulnerable the records can be. - New Privacy Threats

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