How to spy on your kids

No parent really wants to spy on their children. We simply wish that they would be up front with us, tell us what's going on in their lives, and allow us to help them. However, sometimes that is not the case, and we must use other means to keep up with what our kids are really doing.

The Internet makes it very easy to live a double life. In "real" life, when a boy visits your house to take your teenage daughter out on a date, you get the opportunity to look him over, and decide if you like what you see. But, what if your daughter goes out on "Internet" dates? Unknown to you, she and her online "boyfriend" may be exchanging intimate emails, instant messages, photos and videos, when all the while you think that the glow of the computer screen on her face means that she's doing her homework CastleCops - How to spy on your kids

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