Cracking the Cult of Hackers

Much like spies and movie stars, hackers carry the allure and mystery of another world. Maybe it is the look of the stylish outfits and mirrored sunglasses from The Matrix that helps to perpetuate an aura of cool. Or maybe it is the relatively lower level of tech savvy among most people, some of whom dread switching email programs, much less contemplating the intricacies of programming code, that gives hackers their particular luster. In an age that speeds along on technology, cracking systems is the equivalent of robbing stagecoaches in a bygone era.

Whatever gives the cult of hackers its sheen, one thing is for sure: It is not dying anytime soon. With limited law enforcement, better methods of communication, and a certain curiosity among the public at large, Planet Hacker is likely to keep spinning long into the future. Cracking the Cult of Hackers - Internet Life - NewsFactor Network

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 2nd May 2006 7:48AM