Cutting Through the OS X Security Rhetoric

Much has been written about future, potential problems with OS X security, but so far no widespread documented issues have occurred. On the heels of Monday's report from The SANS Institute that Mac OS X vulnerabilities are on the rise, The Mac Observer took a look at some of the recent rhetoric surrounding the operating system's security.

With Apple launching a new series of TV ads, one of which touts the fact that Mac OS X is virus free, it seems that the company will also need to combat some of the misinformation being spread by the media, as well as deal with accusations that it's not responding fast enough to vulnerabilities when they're reported.

For example, an Associated Press story that ran on CNN's Web site on Monday described a computer user named Benjamin Daines who had "clicked on a series of links that promised pictures of an unreleased update to his computer's operating system." According to the article, "a window opened on the screen and strange commands ran as if the machine was under the control of someone -- or something -- else." TMO Reports - Cutting Through the OS X Security Rhetoric || The Mac Observer

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