Don't be that person helping keep spam alive

This is a column about stupid people. If you are or think you may be a stupid person, stop reading now and go shopping for an SUV or something. They're safer than cars, you know. When I say "stupid people," I'm not talking about people who do stupid things; we all do that. Smart people do foolish things.

No, I'm talking about the people whose stupidity makes life a little or a lot worse for the rest of us. People who don't know they're idiots, and then blissfully go about their bumbling ways while their actions leave a trail of annoyance behind them.

People who technology has either left behind, and who use technology to increase the impact of their feeblemindedness by reaching beyond the bounds that Nature has undoubtedly established for them in the natural order. - Don't be that person helping keep spam alive

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 5th May 2006 9:54PM