Wacky Web misuses highlight internal risks

Thanks to Web filtering, one IT manager discovered that an employee was running a side business selling items on eBay while on the clock. Keeping tabs on an online auction during working hours is hardly unique, but this particular employee happened to be selling office items stolen from the company warehouse.

"We thought it was kind of ingenious," Eric Lundbohm, vice president of marketing for Orange, Calif.-based 8e6 Technologies Inc., said sarcastically. His company has released results of a survey conducted during February's RSA Security Conference. The winners for best anecdotes were released this week.

"People running eBay businesses, in general, were among the most widely referenced examples," explained Paul Myer, the company's president and COO. "What made this unique [was] there was inventory taken out of the warehouse that was being sold out of his eBay store." Wacky Web misuses highlight internal risks

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