Mayday, Mayday: it's time to patch critical Windows and Exchange flaws

Today, Microsoft released three scheduled security bulletins correcting five vulnerabilities in total. The bulletins include: one Critical and one Moderate bulletin covering flaws in components that ship with Windows; and an Exchange bulletin fixing a Critical vulnerability in Microsoft's popular email server.

Both the critical Exchange and Windows flaws pose significant risks, since they potentially allow attackers to gain control of your users' PCs or even your mail server. You should probably apply the Exchange patch first, because as a gateway device, your email server has more exposure on the Internet than the average PC. Having said that, after fixing the Exchange server issue, I'd also apply the Critical Windows patch immediately, since it fixes a bad hole in Flash Player. The Moderate flaw affects a component of Windows as well (the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator) so you might as well apply its patch when you fix the Critical Windows issue. WatchGuard Wire: RSS Feed | WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 11th May 2006 12:22AM