How to remove Spyware Sheriff/SpywareSheriff and Antispylab

Spyware Sheriff is an alleged antispyware application that uses Trojans and other malware into tricking or scaring you into purchasing it. If you are infected with this malware, your Internet Explorer home page will be reset to about:blank and display a fake Windows Security Center alert stating that you are possibly infected. When you click on the button on this page it will bring you to the site which attempts to sell you either Spyware Sheriff, Adware Sheriff, or Regfreeze Antispy. It is advised that you do not purchase any of these programs as they are all rogue antispyware applications.

This program will also create fake security alerts in the Windows taskbar stating that there are various security risks with your computer ranging from spam and hack attempts to Trojan infections. When you click on these alerts they will bring you to the site as well. There have also been reports of this infection crashing the legitimate Microsoft process lsass.exe. When this process crashes, your computer will begin a countdown which at the end will shutdown your computer. How To Remove Spyware Sheriff And Antispylab -

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 12th May 2006 1:01AM