Mac OS X antivirus software: More trouble than it's worth?

With dubious reports of a nascent malware menace threatening Mac OS X's current status as (for all intents and purposes) a virus-free platform, many readers have inquired about the need for installation Mac OS X anti-virus software.

Ask McAfee or Symantec and you'll be met with an implore that users purchase, install and regularly use their Mac OS X virus scanning software. With scare tactic statistics like "a 228 percent increase in malware attacks over the past three years" -- even though no single piece of Mac OS X malware has yet managed to successfully cause significant system damage or reliably spread -- it's easy to see why some users are taking the bait.

However, what the virus software companies aren't telling users in their barrage of press releases and dire statements to publications that dutifully pass claims of a rising threat onto readers as fact is that, to date, more problems have been caused by anti-virus software on Mac OS X systems than actual vulnerabilities thwarted. MacFixIt - Mac OS X anti-virus software: More trouble than it's worth?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 12th May 2006 9:45PM