Forget Google, it's Symantec vs Microsoft

This week at the SymantecVision conference in San Francisco, several top level Symantec executives were openly challenging Microsoft on security. Despite considerable press coverage of the emerging Google vs. Microsoft battle, the way they were talking, you'd think Symantec was Microsoft's only competition.

In a room full of Symantec Veritas customers, an informal, nonscientific poll revealed that none of the IT managers expected to deploy Windows Vista in their organizations within the first three months of its release. Worse, only a handful thought it likely that they'd deploy Windows Vista within the first six months. Microsoft is betting the farm on Windows Vista in the enterprise market; Microsoft makes a majority of its software sales through enterprise agreements, and most of the features in Vista are aimed toward these high-end customers. Security Watch: Forget Google, it's Symantec vs. Microsoft - CNET reviews

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 13th May 2006 1:59AM